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Wenck’s expert industrial tank cleaning crews conduct 24-hour, on-call tank cleaning, inspection, removal, and maintenance services for aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs). We are qualified and certified to conduct services for a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses and sizes. We can quickly help you achieve American Petroleum Institute (API) 653 compliance or any other industry mandated storage tank compliance standards.

Whatever your wastewater, chemical tank, septic tank, or fuel storage tank needs, Wenck is ready to help in the least disruptive and most effective way possible. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

What Industrial Tank Cleaning and Maintenance Services Does Wenck Provide?

Industrial tank cleaning

Wenck has the expertise, tools, and resources to provide industrial tank cleaning, inspection, and industrial maintenance services to virtually all commercial and industrial industries. We’ll figure out what your particular utility, processing, or storage tank requires and ensure we can make it happen.

Our most frequently used tank cleaning services include:

Fuel Tank Cleaning

During fuel tank cleaning services, our team isolates and seals the fuel storage tank, pumps out remaining product, mechanically vents the tank, and thoroughly cleans the interior. We also conduct inspections both before and after cleaning to ensure the work has been completed to your satisfaction and industry requirements.

Crude Oil Tank Cleaning & Inspection

Wenck can assist with cleaning and inspection of crude oil storage tanks of any variety or size, from gas station storage tanks to large-scale storage tanks at fuel distribution or production facilities. Our team can also assist with the removal and safe transportation of crude or the disposal of soiled crude.

Chemical Tank Cleaning & Acid Transportation

Wenck employs industrial maintenance mechanic professionals who can assist with chemical storage tank cleaning and inspections at industrial facilities. During chemical tank cleaning, we can safely remove, transport, and either transfer or dispose of hazardous materials including acid, chemicals, and other caustic liquid or gaseous materials within the tank.

Water Tank Cleaning & Wastewater Treatment Neutralization

Wenck regularly assists municipalities and wastewater utilities with the cleaning and inspection of wastewater and water treatment facilities’ treatment, storage, and septic tanks. During water tank cleaning services, we blast and vacuum away sludge and build-up, vent vapors and gases, and siphon out hazardous chemicals to ensure full tank cleanliness and effectiveness.

Our experts are also qualified to make any necessary repairs or maintenance required that we notice during our inspection.

Food Grade Tank Cleaning & Inspection

Wenck regularly assists food production and storage facilities with cleaning, inspecting, and repairing food grade processing equipment, including production tanks, storage tanks, transportation tanks, silos, and more. We can complete complaint cleaning and maintenance services with maximum effectiveness and minimal disruption to your business.

Underground storage tank cleaning

Wenck has the resources and expertise to clean underground storage tanks of all sizes and varieties with minimal disruption to your business operations. We can complete all draining, venting, powerwashing, and inspection duties required for compliance quickly and effectively while minimizing deconstruction of the equipment or disturbance of the facility.

Tank Repair & Maintenance

In addition to Wenck’s tank cleaning services, our experts can assist with repairing and maintaining virtually any industrial, septic, chemical, food grade, water, or chemical storage tanks and vessels. We can conduct full inspections to ensure your equipment complies with your industries’ codes and mandates and effectively make any repairs or preventive maintenance required to get them there if they aren’t. We can offer these services in addition to cleaning or as a separate function.

Tank Removal and Decommissioning

Wenck regularly assists commercial, municipal, and industrial facilities with decommissioning both above and underground storage tank removals. This may involve anything from simple cleaning and disposal of hazardous materials to more involved deconstruction and full transportation services.

How do Wenck’s Industrial Tank Cleaning Services Work?

How do Wenck's tank cleaning services work

It depends on the specific industrial tank cleaning and maintenance you need us to perform. Before we get started, we’ll consult with your experts to learn exactly what you need and why. Then, we’ll assemble the right custom team with the right equipment to get the job done right. Depending on your needs, Wenck can use a wide variety of tools to perform your tank cleaning and maintenance, including:

  • High-pressure water blasting
  • Sandblasting
  • Jetting services
  • Tank coating
  • Lining replacement
  • Frac tank and roll-off box cleaning

Can I Get Tank Cleaning Services Near Me?

Yes. Wenck maintains headquarters in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Colorado, Georgia, and Wyoming, but we also offer our services to the surrounding states. If you need industrial tank cleaning services, get in touch and we’ll arrange a way to come to you.

Why Wenck?

utility cleaning

Wenck has the team to clean your industrial tank. When you call us, we get to know exactly what you need. Then, we send the in-house experts that know how to get it done with everything they need to do the best job possible. The result is one-stop shopping for all your industrial cleaning and maintenance needs. Your solution is a call away, so call Wenck today!

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