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Wenck Response is an environmental services company specializing in providing fast, 24-hour, on-call spill response and industrial maintenance and cleaning services to clients across a wide variety of industries. Our experienced, certified experts coordinate tank cleaning, equipment and facility maintenance, emergency spill response, and remediation services on your schedule with minimal disruptions to your business.

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Which Maintenance & Cleaning Services Does Wenck Provide?

As a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting and engineering services company, Wenck employs experts in a wide variety of fields and specializations. Our diverse technical expertise means we always have a team prepared to solve any industrial maintenance and cleaning problem you may have right away. Wenck can offer immediate expert assistance with:

Emergency Spill Response

Wenck is a certified Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO). Our mobile response team possesses the classification process requirements, tools, and experience required to neutralize hazardous material spills including crude, fuel, and more, via safe bioremediation and stabilization techniques that minimize disposal fees. Call 800-368-8831 for immediate assistance.

Tank Cleaning

Wenck inspects and cleans industrial storage tanks of all sizes and varieties, including crude, fuel, and more. During our inspection, the Wenck team determines and performs flushing, draining, venting, power washing, and treatment processes required to clean your tank to the highest mandated regulations. Our team is licensed and certified to perform:

  • High-pressure water blasting
  • Sandblasting
  • Jetting services
  • Tank coating
  • Tank removal
  • Lining replacement
  • Frac tank and roll-off box cleaning

Excavation & Remediation

Wenck’s multi-disciplinary specialties make us uniquely well-suited to offer comprehensive industrial site remediation services. We understand how to both restore polluted areas and safely clean and remediate industrial businesses. Our experts can remove hazardous materials via soil & groundwater remediation and hydroexcavation to ensure your workplace meets regulations and improve your marketability. We can help with:

  • Soil & groundwater remediation
  • Hydrocarbon reclamation
  • Hydroexcavation
  • and more

Waste Removal

Wenck’s industrial cleaning team coordinates with facility managers and operations managers to manage the transportation and disposal of any industrial waste material, including hazardous chemicals, run-off, crude, fuel, and bi-product. Our team can manage any quantity or type of waste material on an intermittent or regular basis. Contact us for help with:

  • Universal waste disposal
  • Roll-off truck services
  • Crude oil and oil filter collection disposal
  • Drum pick up and disposal coordination
  • Vacuum and Hydrovac Truck Services

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What is Wenck’s Industrial Maintenance & Cleaning Process?

When you contact Wenck, we schedule a site inspection as soon as you can accommodate. During this meeting, we’ll inspect your business, identify your problem, figure out how we can help, and provide an estimate. Then, our team develops a plan customized to your concerns as effectively as possible. We present this plan along with a quote before we begin.

During implementation, our management team reviews each step as we complete it. You know exactly what we’re doing, how it fits into the plan, and why it’s the best way to solve your problem. After implementation, we conduct a final review to ensure we’ve completed our job to your highest expectations. Our work is finished when your problem is solved and you are satisfied.

Why Should I Choose Wenck?

Wenck offers a unique combination of immediacy, expertise, customization, transparency, and streamlining. When you need industrial maintenance and cleaning help, we can offer all of our diverse assistance options immediately. We’re not just fast, either; we’re also effective. Our teams have years of experience working across industries and all the certifications required to handle any work required.

Most importantly, Wenck customizes our solution to your needs. Our experts figure out what you need and then assemble the tools, teams, and resources they need to make sure you get it. We make sure you know this solution is the right one by walking you through our plan every step of the way. Wenck makes sure you understand what we’re doing, makes sure what we’re doing works, make sure it all gets done fast, and makes sure you’re satisfied. Every time.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization's industrial maintenance & cleaning needs.

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