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Wenck provides industrial vacuum truck services and hydrovac services for industrial and commercial clean-up, maintenance, excavation and more. All you need to do to get the right vacuum truck or hydrovac services ASAP is call right now. Our experts identify your needs and assign the exact trucks and experts to fulfill them right away.

Wenck’s Hydrovac and vacuum truck services are prepared to handle a wide variety of needs, from simple filtration cleaning to involved procedures like hazardous waste cleanup or large-scale hydro excavation. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

Unsure if either vacuum truck or hydrovac truck services are suited for you? We’ll help you find out:

What is a vacuum truck?

Vacuum truck A vacuum truck is equipped with a large debris tank attached to a high pressure vacuum system. They suction hazardous waste and contaminants such as liquid sludge, soil, sediment, oils, or minerals out of sites and systems safely. These materials are stored in the tank and transported off-site for disposal.

What are vacuum truck services for?

A vacuum truck is the best way to clean up large liquid sludge spills or build-up. City municipalities use them to clean sewers and industrial sites use them to suction debris and hazardous waste out of equipment. Different types of vacuum trucks can be used for:

  • Filtration system cleaning: Vacuum trucks remove contaminants from filters without damaging the filtration system.
  • Tank cleaning: The right vacuum equipment can safely remove many varieties of storage tank contaminants without damaging the tank.
  • Hazardous waste removal: Vacuum trucks are the fastest and most effective way to respond to most hazardous waste spills.
  • Sewer and manhole clean up: Vacuum trucks safely and hygienically remove waste products from sewer and septic systems.
  • Dry material removal: A vac truck called an “industrial vacuum loader” can be used to collect dry powder materials such as ash, cement powder, and other dry bulk powder.

What is a hydrovac?

Hydrovac truck on the jobA hydrovac, or hydro excavation truck, combines a pressurized water injection system with a vacuum truck’s traditional vacuum equipment and debris tank. This water injection system blasts high pressure water into a concentrated area. The vacuum simultaneously suctions that water and the debris it clears into the tank for disposal.

What are hydrovac truck services for?

Hydrovac trucks are primarily used for a digging process called hydro excavation. Hydro excavation clears soil by first blasting it loose with high pressure water and then sucking the resulting slurry into the hydrovac’s debris tank. Hydro excavation is used for a wide variety of industrial applications including:

  • Underground utility hydrovac excavating (Daylighting): Hydrovacs can excavate underground utilities quickly and effectively with virtually no risk of damaging them the way traditional excavational methods can.
  • Slot trenching: Hydro excavation is more accurate than traditional methods, which makes digging trenches for cables or pipelines much easier and faster.
  • Piling hole excavation: Hydro excavation makes digging holes of varying lengths and sizes for different pilings much easier.
  • Debris removal: Hydrovacs can be used to blast away and then suction up highly stubborn debris and build-up.
  • Cold weather digging: Hydrovacs can use hot high pressure water to thaw frozen ground during the hydro excavation process, making digging possible in cold weather.

Why Wenck?

Wenck has the experts, experience, and resources to help your business. Our team of multidisciplinary experts quickly get to know your unique problem and can immediately adapt our hydrovac and vacuum truck services to solve it. Whatever your problem, just give us a call. Wenck will find the solution.

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