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Wenck process engineer surveying a site as part of a Front End Engineering Design projectCoordinating effective management and engineering services for commercial needs is notoriously complicated, because no two engineering projects are the same. Whether you’re retrofitting an existing facility or planning to construct a new one, you’ll have to deal with a combination of unique, multidisciplinary design, planning, estimating, bidding, constructing, and compliance challenges. If you don’t account for these challenges effectively, your project could end up behind schedule, over budget, or, even worse: inefficient, ineffective, or dangerous.

Overcoming the unique engineering challenges facing your industry and project requires custom solutions. Merely consulting with experts isn’t enough; you’ll need to work with a process engineering company comprised of several multidisciplinary experts. The right management and engineering services team will A: get to know your project and its unique challenges, B: design their engineering solutions to overcome those challenges, and, most importantly, C: work together, combining their knowledge and expertise develop a single comprehensive project management plan to incorporates solutions, stay on schedule, and complete the work to your highest expectations. This is exactly how Wenck’s management and engineering services team approaches each of our jobs. If you need an expert process engineering company to help with your engineering project, Wenck is the right team for you.

Why Wenck?

Wenck’s management and engineering services team is a group of expert, multi-disciplined designers and engineers with decades of experience providing custom solutions for our client’s facility design and process engineering projects. We’ve partnered with clients of all sizes and industries, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, on all kinds of projects, from retrofits to greenfield construction.

When you work with Wenck on a process engineering or facility engineering services project, we serve as your “one-stop shop” consultants at all points during the project management process, from “napkin concept” through design, estimating, bidding, permitting, compliance, construction, and commissioning. We’ll use technology and documentation to find the fastest, most efficient, and most effective means of achieving your goals in order to make sure process development completes on time, within your budget, and to your highest expectations.

You should choose Wenck as your process engineering company because when you work with us, all you have to know is what you need to accomplish. We’ll figure out how to get you there.

What management and Engineering Services can Wenck Provide?

Wenck customizes our management and engineering services to meet your project’s needs. Whatever you need to complete a process engineering project on time–from mass and energy balancing to piping design, piping isometric drawings, to whole-facility 3D modeling–we can fit into the project management plan we will create for your project. We also provide specialty management and engineering services, including process safety management, energy auditing & conservation studies, waste to energy, water sustainability and arc flash hazard analysis/electrical system modeling, during development, to ensure that the completed process is safe, efficient, and effective as soon as it’s finished.

Wenck provides all of these services by consulting with you to see what your project goal is and then assigning the teams and resources necessary to achieve them. No two engineering projects are exactly the same, and so none of Wenck’s Facility & Process Engineering projects are the same, either. The services we perform for our clients and the capabilities we utilize to make them happen most frequently include:

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization's facility & process engineering needs.

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