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Wenck environmental professional performing soil testing and remediation on-site in full protective gear during an Environmental Investigation & Remediation projectManaging the successful investigation and remediation of environmental contamination on a site is difficult. Environmental cleanup projects frequently involve managing several third party partners during both the investigative and remediation phases. Failure to coordinate these third parties’ findings and proposals often results in overlooked violations, expensive project delays, or incomplete work that does not reliably lead to successful regulatory closure.

The most effective way to respond to site contamination on any site is to have a single team both investigate and remediate the potential environmental liability. When a single team works together to identify risks and solve them, you won’t need to worry about disagreements of scope or spotty, incomplete responses that won’t grant regulatory closure.

The right Environmental Investigation & Remediation team has the experience to understand your needs and the expertise to both investigate and remediate environmental risk, all within a single, well-managed project. That’s why the best team for your Environmental Investigation & Remediation is Wenck.

Why Wenck?

Wenck has the experience and resources to both discover and implement the best solution for your problem at the lowest cost. Unlike most environmental consulting firms, Wenck possesses everything we need to navigate the entire environmental risk assessment and remediation process in-house. Wenck’s environmental professional team includes experienced environmental law experts, process, civil, and chemical engineers, risk assessors, and more. Our experts work together to ensure they understand your site’s problems, your company’s goals, and your industries’ regulatory process. 

Wenck’s in-house coordination ensures that we always scope, price, and manage your project as efficiently as possible. One manager oversees all aspects of your investigation and remediation. They present clear reports at each step, ensuring you always know why we’re making our suggestions. Managing your project start to finish allows Wenck to work toward your goals constantly while maintaining the knowledge and flexibility required to continuously identify the best means of achieving those goals. The result is environmental liability mitigation that is accurately scoped and priced, expertly performed, and tailored to your needs.

What Environmental Investigation & Remediation Services Can Wenck Provide?

Wenck’s multidisciplinary team can conduct any kind of environmental remediation your site requires. The actions we propose during your project depend on the problem, your goals, and our investigation. First, we figure out exactly what you need to reach regulatory closure, then we provide it the most effective manner possible. Some of the most common services we perform during an Environmental Investigation & Remediation project include:

Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments & Remediation
Vapor Intrusion
Grant Funding Assistance
Brownfield Redevelopment
Land/Natural Resources
Environmental Construction
Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments & Remediation

Worried about drainage, environmental hazards, contamination, or hindering the growth of an endangered species on your new or M&A acquired property?  Wenck can help you through the entire real estate opportunity – from original Phase I and II site assessments, to final construction and care beyond. Our consultants have a keen knowledge of developmental procedures: researching, collecting, and analyzing data on the atmospheric, aquatic, terrestrial, and socioeconomic environments for input to environmental assessments and regulatory applications. We solve these problems, ultimately exceeding aspirations of the property, no matter the scale. Smart design, creative cost-effective strategies, and sustainable environmental compliance are part of our service to clients and their communities now, and for years to come. We ask the tough questions to create enduring results.

Vapor Intrusion

Vapor intrusion pathways are difficult to identify. We are familiar with the multiple sources of volatile organic compounds and develop conceptual vapor intrusion site models using soil, groundwater, soil gas, and air data. We engineer, design, and install vapor mitigation systems when occupants are at risk. No matter the property type, our team can:

  • Collect & Interpret Soil, Groundwater, Soil Gas, & Air Data
  • Evaluate Forensic Buildings Using Real-time In-situ Data Analysis
  • Identify & Evaluate the Vapor Intrusion Pathway
  • Communicate Investigation Findings, Risk, & Action Plan
  • Negotiate with Regulators & Other Third Parties
Grant Funding Assistance

Don’t let limited fiscal resources, competitive funding environments, federal/state allocation qualms, and multifaceted economic climates impede your vision. Wenck’s well-versed experienced team prepares grant applications and helps clients navigate the twist and turns of obtaining proper funding. We strategize, screen, and evaluate appropriate funding sources, preparing them to receive federal and state grant and loan opportunities. Wenck partners with you in the development process for projects that provide maximum community, cost, and environmental benefits.

Brownfield Redevelopment

Wenck understands that the revitalization of blighted Brownfield properties spurs economic development and stimulates community growth. We go beyond routine assessments and leverage historical data to educate our clients throughout the real estate transaction process. We are involved in all phases from site identification and selection to redevelopment, operation, and beyond. We also help our clients secure federal, state, and local Brownfield grant and financial incentives whenever possible.

Land/Natural Resources

Wenck employs a diverse group of biologists, ecologists, architects, and real estate professionals who can help you address biological, ecological, terrestrial, and water issues when managing natural resources during industrial development. Our projects include site specific assessments of threatened and endangered wildlife and plant species, habitat and rangeland assessments, avian migration surveys and much more. Our experts help determine potential effects development may have on wildlife before you move forward as well as navigating the federal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. Wenck’s biologists have conducted wildlife and botanical surveys to meet the requirements of the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Army Corps of Engineers, and state natural resources departments. We also have experience helping other state and federal agencies and private businesses complete inventories.

Environmental Construction

Wenck provides survey, design, and management services for regulated materials (i.e. asbestos, mercury, lead, PCBs, etc.) in buildings subject to renovation, demolition, or building maintenance. Our team of professionals has the experience to address the demands of the largest and most technical projects in the industry while providing a value-engineered approach for each client. Wenck provides the following Environmental Construction Services: Surveys for Asbestos and Regulated Materials; Budget Opinions and Grant Assistance; Abatement Design and Specifications; Bid and Contract Administration; Project Management and Abatement Monitoring; Operations and Maintenance Plans; Indoor Air Quality and Moisture Evaluation; and Litigation Support.

How does the Wenck Environmental Investigation & Remediation Process Work?

Wenck environmental professionals wearing protective gear while performing a site assessment during an environmental investigation & remediation projectWenck’s goal during environmental investigation is to develop a comprehensive Remedial Action Plan (RAP). To do that, we conduct an iterative investigation of environmental impact. We start by asking questions about your project, design restraints, timeline, goals, and previous environmental impact reporting. This information provides a starting point for initial testing, which, in turn, gives us data required to make next step decisions. We repeat this process until we’ve homed in on all the environmental liability we’ll need to remediate. An iterative investigation is the best way to assess risk accurately without wasting your time and money on testing that may prove irrelevant.

During each stage, we report our findings and recommend remedial responses. We make sure you understand the problem, how we’ll fix it, why our solution is effective, and what it will cost. Finally, we share a Remedial Action Plan outlining the plan. When we approve this RAP, we begin work immediately, keeping you updated step-by-step. The result is a corrective action plan that proceeds on schedule, scope, and budget and effectively meets your goals. Every time.

Can Wenck help with my site’s environmental remediation?

Yes. Wenck has the experience to both perform an environmental investigation and complete all necessary remedial actions for your facility. We’ve worked with companies in a wide variety of industries and situations. Whether you’re purchasing or divesting of property, responding to a spill or release, trying to redevelop contaminated property, or performing voluntary cleanup, we can help.

Examples of Environmental Investigation & Remediation projects we’ve completed include:


The Twin Cities Ammunition Plant. Wenck provides ongoing Environmental Investigation & Remediation services to this government facility.Wenck has been providing environmental support services directly to the U.S. Army since 2005, and indirectly through Operating Contractors or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers since 1985. Wenck developed a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) employing Incremental Sampling Methodology (ISM) to assist in the remediation of the Twin Cities Ammunition Plant’s soil. This plan helped the property meet agency unrestricted land use screening criteria as a prerequisite for its 2020 redevelopment.



Fort McPherson in Atlanta, GA. Wenck provides ongoing Environmental Investigation & Remediation work for this government site.The Wenck Atlanta office has provided compliance support/Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Support to the BRAC Environmental Office for Fort McPherson since 2008. In 2014, Wenck helped Fort McPherson respond to an uncovered ash and debris waste site by successfully designing and implementing a Remedial Investigation (RI) and Interim Removal Action (IRA) and a residual cumulative risk assessment. These measures helped to support a No Further Action (NFA) determination.



Former industrial site construction zone in the process of being converted into a charter trade school. Wenck provided Environmental Investigation & Remediation services that made this project possible.Wenck was attained to complete a site assessment and redevelopment on a 30,000 square foot industrial building in South Minneapolis. The Wenck team successfully identified the scope of the problem and completed the mitigation process in time for the school’s opening day. We also secured $210,000 in grant funding from DEED and Hennepin County to support the remediation efforts in the process.


See more of our Environmental Investigation & Remediation success stories here.

What are my next steps?

If you need Environmental Investigation & Remediation, get in touch with Wenck online or call us at 763-292-3651 to talk to our Environmental assessment experts, Benker, Otte, Zobel, or Kessler.

During our initial phone interview, we will ask you questions about several details of your project. Please prepare to discuss the nature of your site’s problem, your goals, scope, timeline, and your budget. We will also inquire about pre-existing environmental assessment information and may need legal information from your counsel. When you suspect you may need environmental remediation, get in touch with Wenck! We have everything we need to find and solve your problem.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization's environmental investigation & remediation needs.

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