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Wenck environmental professional performing soil testing and remediation on-site in full protective gear during an Environmental Investigation & Remediation projectManaging the successful investigation and remediation of environmental contamination is difficult. Projects frequently involve managing several third party environmental cleanup companies and environmental construction services during both the investigation stages and subsequent environmental remediation services. Failure to coordinate these third parties’ findings and proposals (especially during critical steps such as the asbestos survey) often results in overlooked violations, expensive project delays, or incomplete work that does not reliably lead to successful regulatory closure.

The most effective way to respond to site contamination is to have a single team both investigate and remediate the potential environmental liability. When a single team works together to identify risks and solve them as both your environmental construction services and your cleanup services, then you won’t need to worry about disagreements of scope or the kind of spotty, incomplete responses that won’t grant regulatory closure.

The right Environmental Investigation & Remediation team has the experience to understand your needs and the expertise to both investigate and remediate environmental risk, all within a single, well-managed project. That’s why the best team for your environmental remediation services is Wenck.

Why Wenck?

Wenck has the experience and resources to both discover and implement the best solution for your problem at the lowest cost. Unlike most environmental cleanup companies, Wenck possesses everything we need to navigate the entire risk assessment and remediation process in-house. Wenck’s environmental remediation services team includes experienced environmental law experts, process, civil, and chemical engineers, environmental construction services experts, risk assessors, and more. These professionals work together to ensure they understand your site’s problems, your company’s goals, and your industries’ regulatory process. 

Wenck’s in-house coordination ensures that we always scope, price, and manage your project as efficiently as possible. One manager oversees all aspects of your investigation and remediation, from the initial consultation to the asbestos survey to the final remediation actions. They present clear reports at each step, ensuring you always know why we’re making our suggestions. Managing your project start to finish allows Wenck to work toward your goals constantly while maintaining the knowledge and flexibility required to continuously identify the best means of achieving those goals. The result is a remediation action plan that is accurately scoped and priced, expertly performed, and tailored to your needs.

What Environmental Investigation & Remediation Services Can Wenck Provide?

Wenck’s multidisciplinary team can conduct any kind of environmental remediation services your site requires. The actions we propose during your project depend on the problem, your goals, and our investigation. First, we figure out exactly what you need to reach regulatory closure, then we provide it the most effective manner possible. Some of the most common services we perform during an Environmental Investigation & Remediation project include:

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