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Stillwater Police Department exterior
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Stillwater Police Department garage exterior
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The City of Stillwater
Stillwater, Minnesota

Beginning in December 2016, Wenck was hired as the Construction Manager to renovate and make additions to the Stillwater Police Station and City Hall. The project cost $2.9 million and took nine months to build.

Finished October 2017, the four-story, state-of-the-art facility features indoor parking with LED energy saving lights for patrol cars and administration, handicapped parking now closer to the front entrance, office space, a fitness center, central communications center, detention center, and full classroom training workshop spaces. Wenck completed the project in two phases to accommodate Stillwater Police Department operations.

During the design phase, Wenck provided continuous Value Engineering to keep the project tracking within budget. This effort continued into the bidding and construction phase, as our team solicited contractor input, and developed their own cost saving options for the City’s consideration. Altogether, Wenck proposed over $320,000 in cost savings.

Prior to Construction, our team prepared a reasonable estimate of General Conditions costs for items like temporary enclosure, dumpsters, toilets, general clean up, etc. Thanks to the efforts of our on-site staff, who was more than willing to provide portions of this general labor, General Conditions costs were maintained more than $60,000 below the originally budgeted $75,000.

Due to the nature of the project, safety was a key aspect. Security fencing, electronic “card key” access and a multi-camera video surveillance system were implemented for safety and to bring the facility up to date and ahead of the curve. Wenck was also able to update up their everyday practices including a new evidence intake and lab, armory, evidence vault, interview rooms, and a high density filing system.

Wenck is currently one month from completing the Phase-I and Phase-II renovations. And, as a result of our performance on these projects, we are expected to serve the City again in 2018 when, pending budget approval, the City proceeds with Phase-III of the Police and City Hall renovations.

Both the City and Police appreciate the impressive statement their new facility makes, a true, professional building that all can be proud of. Stillwater’s Police department and City Hall is not only a strong example of finding cost saving solutions with resiliency in mind, but it also improves quality of life for the community.

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