Linc In-Situ Coal Gasification R&D License Permit Review
LINC Energy (LINC)
Campbell County, Wyoming

Wenck was contracted by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality/Land Quality Division (WDEQ/LQD) to provide professional engineering services for the review of Research and Development (R&D) mine permit application from LINC Energy (LINC). LINC proposed to conduct an underground in-situ coal gasification (UCG) pilot project on a section (640 acres) of State of Wyoming land located in the Powder River Basin (PRB) in northeastern Wyoming. The State of Wyoming retained Wenck for our expertise in mine permitting, groundwater flow and groundwater contamination to provide technical review of the application and provide comments. Several previous R&D UCG projects had taken place within the State and there had been evidence of groundwater contamination and subsidence. LINC Energy requested a fast track schedule so were willing to support this third-party permit review.

The proposed production seam was a 30 to 40-foot coal bed within the Paleocene Age Fort Union Formation’s Tongue River Member at depths ranging between 1,075 to 1,230 feet from the surface. The four significant coal seams within the R&D license area included the Felix, Edgerton (Roland), Big George, and Wyodak seams. Wenck reviewed the R&D permit application including baseline data collection, proposed operations, cavity burn and subsidence monitoring, hydrology, groundwater fate and transport, reclamation, and reclamation performance bonding, and aquifer exemption through the USEPA.

Wenck completed several rounds of completeness review comments, technical review and the draft State Decision Document as part of this work effort for the WDEQ/LQD in advance of a hearing before the Wyoming Environmental Quality Council. The Environmental Quality Council serves as an independent entity that reviews matters concerning the prevention, reduction and elimination of pollution – and preservation of Wyoming’s water, air and land quality.

LINC’s R&D license application was approved by the WDEQ/LQD and the USEPA.

Major Project Features: 

  • Mine Permit Review under Coal Rules
  • Groundwater Contamination/Restoration
  • Subsidence Prediction
  • Reclamation Bonding
  • In-Situ Coal Gasification Cavity Growth Modelling
  • Public Involvement

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