Indian Paintbrush Hydrogeologic Investigation

Indian Paintbrush Hydrogeologic Investigation
Indian Paintbrush Hydrogeologic Investigation
Indian Paintbrush Hydrogeologic Investigation
Indian Paintbrush Water District
Wilson, Wyoming

For the Indian Paintbrush Water District, Wenck evaluated the District’s water sources to determine whether the existing water wells and a spring source could provide sufficient water to meet demand, and identified additional sources of groundwater for test-well drilling. The District lies south of Wilson, Wyoming, at the southern end of the Teton Range, and includes 77 homes in densely forested mountainous terrain west of the Snake River Valley and Fish Creek.

Once the principal water source for the District, Burts Canyon Spring represents a perennial, but unutilized source of water. This spring yields approximately 14 to 18 gpm. Wenck completed a Microparticulate Analysis of the spring water and found the results favorable. Testing of the Indian Paintbrush No. 1 and No. 2 wells revealed that while these sources provide significant water to the District, they do not provide system redundancy. Wenck recommended the completion of a new test well to increase the water supply by 60 gpm.

Wenck completed a well siting study, and identified seven sites for test hole/test-well drilling. The District lies along the northeastern margin of the Wyoming Fold and Thrust Belt. Due to intense deformation, bedrock units within this area have been shifted and uplifted, sheared, folded, intruded by volcanic flows, and fractured. The bedrock units in this area are also covered by glacial deposits which complicated determining the actual underlying bedrock. Following test hole drilling, Wenck collaborated with Thomas Drilling on the construction and testing of a 365-foot Amsden Formation well. Stepped and constant rate aquifer testing indicated the well will sustain a 184 gpm production rate, or approximately three times the target yield.

Major Project Features: 

  • Hydrogeologic Investigation
  • Structural Geologic Interpretation
  • Well Siting and Design
  • Aquifer Testing and Analysis
  • Water Quality Sampling
  • Construction Administration

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