East Lake Elementary School Construction

East Lake Open Area, Wenck
East Lake Library, Wenck
East Lake stairwell, Wenck
East Lake 2nd Classroom
East Lake classroom
East Lake - Large 2
East Lake - Large
ISD # 196
Lakeville, Minnesota

Beginning in August 2016, Wenck was attained to construct an 85,000 SF, 2-story walk out elementary school in Lakeville, Minnesota. The school is strategically located as a part of a new housing development to help reduce class size in surrounding schools, and increase lot value in the neighborhood.

Prior to construction, Wenck helped the district with the land procurement by providing a Phase-1 assessment where we reviewed the historical use of the property to identify environmental concerns that could affect construction costs or the purchase price of the property. During construction, Wenck utilized Procore, an innovative construction management software, to maximize project efficiency. Procore minimizes printing costs, maintains warranties and record documents, streamlines communication, and provides real-time cloud-based budget/schedule/status information for all parties involved to access easily. In addition, we incorporated 21st century learning initiatives by providing environments rich in natural lighting, open for hands-on collaborative learning, with high efficiency mechanical units delivering unparalleled air quality. The school was intelligently designed to accommodate future additions as enrollment increases, with mechanical, electrical, and utility systems in place so they could be efficiently connected in pre-determined locations. The project was completed in a year, on schedule and millions of dollars under budget.

Safety, as always, was a top priority on this project. There were zero injuries with no recordable safety incidents. Areas that were deemed risks (open space and fall hazards) were properly fenced and barricaded, with appropriate signage displayed. Since the school was not an active site for students as it was being built, keeping normal school operations was not a factor in safety. Wenck was transparent with the client, communicating safety plans, and delivering the work to exceed expectations.

After project completion, Wenck hosted an open house and dedication ceremony for prospective students – offering tours and unveiling the school’s new mascot, the East Lake Lakers – giving locals a great sense of community pride.

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