Creative Arts Downtown High School

Creative Art Exterior
Creative Art Interior seating
Creative Art Interior
St. Paul Public Schools
St. Paul, Minnesota

Our team is currently serving as the Construction Manager for additions and renovations to the Creative Arts High School as a part of the St. Paul School district’s Deferred Maintenance Building Program.

Renovations and additions to the existing eight story high rise located at 65 Kellogg Blvd. in Downtown St. Paul began in June of 2014 following an extensive planning and design phase. Our team worked with the district to prioritize needs, evaluate scope, and identify costs associated with several phasing options.

The project was ultimately divided into two eight week summer phases with continuous construction throughout the school year. The addition of a secure entryway, renovations at several floors and exterior upgrades were a top priority for the district and completed during the first summer phase.

Other components of the project include the conversion of a swimming pool to create a new 350-seat auditorium, new lobby and commons areas, restroom upgrades and multipurpose performance space. Exterior building upgrades replaced the portions of the 1960’s brick finish with metal panels to create an inviting entry at street level.

Reconfiguration of the 2nd and 5th floors created new classrooms, offices and flexible learning spaces. The full replacement of Mechanical and Electrical Systems provided for improved air quality and more efficient building operations.

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