City of Fridley Civic Campus

City of Fridley
Fridley, MN

With mission statement “Frame the Future of Fridley” in hand, the City of Fridley opened its Civic Campus doors in November of 2018. This space offers residents a collaborative government center featuring Police, Fire, Public Works and City Hall offices, integrated with a spacious public plaza overlooking the tiered pond system. To mitigate the $50M cost, the City orchestrated the sale of nearby land, creating the opportunity for an ‘Urban Village’ that will eventually feature a variety of housing options. Through this larger vision, the City checks off several of their 2030 Comprehensive Plan goals, specifically, the construction of a compact, mixed-use space for all age groups, which features prime access to public transit and recreation opportunities.

A significant feature of Wenck’s site design is the stormwater treatment system, which highlights cost-effective and simple maintenance. Stormwater runoff ultimately drains through hydrodynamic separators into the lowest pond where any remaining particulate matter settles out. It is then recycled by pumping it through a bio-char and iron-enhanced sand filter, and into the cascading upper ponds which each feature an aeration fountain. This design removes upwards of 70% TP, 80% of TSS, and 90% of e. coli from the water, and provides a pleasing aesthetic for the campus and its visitors.

By using collaborative funding methods, meeting comprehensive plan goals, providing much needed operating room, and showcasing unique stormwater solutions on top of a formerly contaminated site, The City of Fridley Civic Campus proves it is a model for city governments everywhere to follow.