Chief Washakie Plunge Hot Springs Redevelopment

Eastern Shoshone Business Council
Fort Washakie, Wyoming

Wenck was contracted by the Eastern Shoshone Business Council to complete a preliminary engineering evaluation and grant-level cost estimate for the reconstruction of the Chief Washakie Plunge Hot Springs Recreation facilities. The Chief Washakie Plunge was first developed in the late 1800s, but the facility closed in 2008. The healing waters of the Chief Washakie Plunge are an important natural resource to the tribe, and the redevelopment of the facilities will incorporate tribal history, health, and culture into the design and uses of the facility.

In 2009 and 2010, Wenck collected and analyzed temperature, flow, and water quality data from the hot spring and provided draft recommendations for existing facilities rehabilitation. Wenck completed a geological, geochemical, and preliminary engineering evaluation for a flow-through design. Additional evaluation and engineering work will consist of water quality, hydrology, and hydraulics components, including energy considerations – which can be incorporated into the Eastern Shoshone Business Council’s vision for the facility – and support efforts to develop funding and grants for the project.

An additional component of this project will be the feasibility and design of water delivery from the existing Public Water System. Two important components of the water delivery system include 1) facility requirements for showers and toilets and 2) the addition of chlorinated water into the warm water stream for disinfection and to achieve the higher water temperatures required for the soaking pools/hot tubs. Wenck will address on a conceptual basis the expansion and looping of the PWS distribution system to the Chief Washakie Plunge.

Major Project Features:

  • Water System Evaluation
  • Flow, Temperature, and Water Chemistry Trend Analysis
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics Evaluation for Recommended Alternative
  • Energy Analysis
  • Conceptual PWS Distribution Analysis and Plan
  • Public Collaboration/Education

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