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Biscay, Minnesota has a population of 113. Historically, their wastewater infrastructure consisted of residential septic tanks that overflowed into the Crow River. The City was well aware of the pollution created by their wastewater infrastructure, so they retained Wenck to assist in finding a solution. Working with the MPCA, McLeod County, Midwest Assistance Program, and the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority, Wenck helped secure a large grant for funding and started to design their new wastewater system. The total project cost was approximately $1.8 million.

With immense support from the City, Wenck arranged for and hosted meetings to share education with the community – how the new wastewater system would work and why it is needed. On projects like these that affect whole communities, frequent and open communication is critical. The City council and sewer committee deserves considerable credit for this as well. Safety was always stressed at these meetings, again, communication and signage being key – the project was completed without any issues.

A new subsurface treatment and dispersal wastewater treatment facility was constructed. The collection and treatment systems are designed for flows up to approximately 9,000 gal/day. A main lift station conveys the wastewater to the new treatment facility. The lift station is a duplex submersible lift station with an adjacent valve vault.

The project incorporated a variety of construction techniques and technologies that saved money, improved safety, and provide long-term benefits to the City. Wenck implemented trenchless pipe installation methods, utilizing a living fence (vegetation) around the treatment plant, and remote monitoring capabilities for the City’s wastewater operator.

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