Becker Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Modifications

Becker Indoor, Wenck
Becker Top View, Wenck
Becker Aerial View Large
Becker Aerial View
The City of Becker
Becker, Minnesota

Becker treats 600,000 gallons of wastewater a day from a large manufacturing industry within the City. Wenck was brought in to update the plant and provide backup treatment equipment, creating peace of mind and a lasting partnership between the Industry and the City.

Wenck, alongside the City, worked together to schedule the modifications so that normal operations could continue. The project was completed on schedule and within budget. Resilient and environmentally sound techniques were implemented wherever possible, including energy efficient motors, LED lighting, and a process that recycles treated wastewater back into the system to reduce the use of potable water. A new solids dewatering technology was also installed that saves the City time and money.

Both before the project began and still after project completion, Wenck participates in meetings with the City and Industry to continue fostering a healthy partnership, advocating best practices. This expansion took years of planning and coordination between the City and Industry. Now that it is complete, the two entities can move forward knowing that the wastewater treatment infrastructure is in place to accommodate years of continued success.

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