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This is Part II in the series. Get caught up with Alex Mathern in Part I here

Wenck is pleased to introduce a new ongoing installment of blogs titled the “Young Professional Series.” Designed to be a designated place where A/E/C industry newcomers have a platform to inspire and encourage others – the “Young Professional Series” will encompass many career paths and opportunities at Wenck for a host of fields, interests, and skills. If you are or know of a high school/college-aged person still undecided about what to do after that degree, or have an inkling but want to be sure, stay tuned. This is for you.

In saying that, Part II of the “Young Professional Series” is Rena Weis. Water Resources Engineer Intern for the water group, Rena received a $3,000 College of Fellows Scholarship from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), and is working towards a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Check out what she has to say. 

Rena Weis- Wenck Water Resources Engineer Intern
Rena Weis, Water Resources Engineer Intern

Q: What is your name and position title?

A: Rena Weis, Water Resources Engineer Intern.

Q: What sort of projects do you work on?

A: I work on a variety of science and engineering projects for both public and private clients. Throughout the summer I had the opportunity to be part of a study to quantify infiltration rates on swale slopes, survey culverts to gain information for a model to solve an agricultural drainage problem, collect water quality samples, learn hydrologic modeling software, perform aquatic vegetation surveys, and survey fish populations using both nets and electrofishing.

Q: What is the Wenck culture like?

A: The culture at Wenck has allowed me to be part of a wide range of projects spanning my interest areas. The company fosters an open environment where collaboration and communication are important.

Q: What is your favorite part of the internship?

A: My favorite part of my job at Wenck is the fluidity between office work and field work. I also really enjoy the opportunity to meet with and interact with clients.

Q: What advice would you give students interested in an internship at Wenck?

A: Join student chapters of professional societies at your college and network! Attend career fairs, and be excited about new opportunities.

Q: How have your mentors helped you?

A: My mentors have helped guide me through the field of consulting and provided advice throughout my decision to pursue my Master’s degree in Engineering.

Q: How does the internship enhance or supplement your education?

A: The hydrologic modeling exposure I’ve gained through my work experience has complemented and reinforced the hydrologic principles I learned in school. Additionally, work has given me the opportunity to apply concepts I learned in school about wastewater treatment, field methods, and GIS.

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