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young professional series

This is Part III in the series. To get caught up with Alex Mathern, click here. To get caught up with Rena Weis, click here

Wenck is pleased to introduce a new ongoing installment of blogs titled the “Young Professional Series.” Designed to be a designated place where A/E/C industry newcomers have a platform to inspire and encourage others – the “Young Professional Series” will encompass many career paths and opportunities at Wenck for a host of fields, interests, and skills. If you are or know of a high school/college-aged person still undecided about what to do after that degree, or have an inkling but want to be sure, stay tuned. This is for you.

In saying that, Part III of the “Young Professional Series” is… me. Content/Copywriter for the Marketing department, I was hired in the fall of 2017. My personal writing can be found in the literary journal Catapult and I plan to begin my Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Non-fiction September 2019. 

Q: What is your name and position title?

A: Paul Rousseau, Marketing Copywriter.

Q: What sort of projects did you work on?

A: I write copy across mediums, make project profiles, general web updates, help in content marketing campaigns, award submittals, and run Wenck social media channels. I’m also involved in public relations with things like press releases and getting our tech experts in trade publications.

Q: What is the Wenck culture like?

A: I have been really pleased with my integration into the team. I’ve never been forced to make a coffee run, and in fact, a co-worker has surprised me with coffee on multiple occasions. It’s that sort of kindness that pushes me to produce the best material. The culture is equal parts relaxed and challenging, which is a recipe for great internal reward.

Q: What is your favorite part of the job?

A: I’d be lying if I excluded the client events here. Live tweeting a St. Paul Saints game with Alex Mathern, Wenck graphic designer, was exciting, and it bought a lot of good feedback to our social accounts. The biggest response was a picture of the Saint’s mascot Mudonna hugging one of our technical experts.

Other than that, I like seeing a kernel of an idea expand into multiple waves of content. An email exchange to a web blog to a social post to a newsletter article is a very successful trail.

Q: What advice would you give students interested in an internship/job at Wenck?

A: I’ll stick specifically to fellow students of English here. Writers are needed in more fields than just teaching or publishing. I would highly recommend English majors look at marketing and copywriting as a legitimate way to exercise their talents. Multi-service organizations are in high demand of story-tellers. Internships are a valuable stepping stone to the right career.

Q: How have your mentors helped you?

A: I graduated from the University of St. Thomas earning a degree in English with a Writing Emphasis. Though UST is known for being more business orientated in all their teachings, I have plenty of room to grow in that regard. My mentors at Wenck have helped me extensively with this, whether they’ve known it or not. I learn a tremendous amount just sitting in the office and listening, by natural absorption.

Q: How did the internship enhance or supplement your education?

A: I can stress the same sentiment above. Majoring in English was a bit of a risk – but writing is something I truly enjoy and by some means its working. I learn something new every day, just being in an environment with so many different areas of expertise.

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