Young Professional Series: Abby Muraski

Young Professional: The Series

This is Part III in the series. Click on the following names to get caught up with Rena, and Alex

Wenck is pleased to continue our ongoing installment of blogs titled the “Young Professional Series.” Designed to be a place where A/E/C industry newcomers have a platform to inspire and encourage others – the “Young Professional Series” will encompass many career paths and opportunities at Wenck for a host of fields, interests, and skills. If you are or know of a high school/college-aged person still undecided about what to do after that degree, or have an inkling but want to be sure, stay tuned. This is for you.

In saying that, Part IV of the “Young Professional Series” is Abby Muraski. Administration Assistant at our Minneapolis office, Abby joined our 2018 Internship Program in May. She is a Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Stout majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Project Management. In her spare time, Abby enjoys hiking, eating sushi, and re-watching every episode of The Office. This is what she has to say. 

Young Professional Series: Abby Muraski


Q: What is your name and position title?
A: My name is Abby Muraski and I am a Business Administration intern here at Wenck.

Q: What sort of projects do you work on?
A: In general, I work on projects that support the daily operations of Wenck. The first large project I worked on was the launch of the new company intranet, WenckNet. This project was a huge initiative for Wenck, with strict deadlines and many moving parts. After the main portion of WenckNet was completed, I then wanted to create a project where I could use my photography skills to benefit the company. Now, a large part of my job involves traveling to job sites to capture what Wenck truly does. I love that I have been able to use my passions and skills in projects that have challenged me.

Q: What is the Wenck culture like?
A: When I walked in the door on the first day, I knew that this job was going to be different from other jobs I’ve had. Everyone was so warm and welcoming that I felt valued even before I had actually done any work. People here are willing to help you answer your questions, help you learn, and help you grow.

Q: What is your favorite part of the work you do?
A: My favorite part of my internship so far was my photography trip to Wyoming. I got to take my camera and drive 1,200+ miles (solo!) across Wyoming in order to produce some spectacular images promoting Wenck West. It was an incredibly empowering, challenging, and fruitful experience. I felt honored with the amount of trust my superiors placed in me, and I also got the opportunity to meet fellow Wenckers from different offices.

Q: What advice would you give students interested in an internship/Job at Wenck?
A: Try to get as much experience in your field of interest as possible. This can be gained through volunteering, joining school clubs/organizations, campus jobs, and many other methods. Having even a little bit of experience under your belt before going in for an interview can set you apart from other internship applicants. 

Q: How have your mentors helped you?
A: My mentors here at Wenck have taught me to trust my instincts and to always be myself. They have also helped me to incorporate my passions into my everyday work at Wenck and expand what I knew I was capable of. 

Q: How did the internship enhance your education?
A: This internship has showed me how topics taught at school apply in a real-world situation. I know have a deeper understanding of business operations and project management concepts.

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