Minnesota’s Industrial Stormwater Permit


We are now into the heat of summer and into the first sampling quarter of the 2020 Industrial Stormwater General Permit.

We want to get in touch with a few reminders about the Permit requirements.

  • Coverage Cards/Notice of Coverage: Posting coverage cards is not required for permittees for the 2020 permit, but the MPCA recommends that permittees print and post the first page of the Notice of Coverage. Facilities with the No Exposure Exclusion are required to post their exclusion notice. You can download your notice of coverage/exclusion notice from the MPCA Industrial Stormwater Information Access Page: https://webapp.pca.state.mn.us/isw/permits
  • Sampling:
    • The first sample of this permit should be collected in July, August, or September. Get your sampling supplies prepared now so you’re ready to grab samples when it starts raining. The Stormwater Monitoring Report (SWMR) will be due on October 21st and will likely need to be completed through e-services.
    • Remember, exceeding the benchmark monitoring level is not a violation, but you are required to make changes or add to the best management practices (BMPs) at your facility to reduce the level of the pollutant.
  • Inspections: Monthly inspections should continue. Don’t forget to complete your runoff event inspections! No Exposure facilities are not required to document inspections, but we recommend informal inspections at least once a month to make sure you’re still meeting the No Exposure requirements.
  • Training: Training is required at least annually and the 2020 permit added specific requirements for which personnel must be trained. Now’s a good time to get people up-to-speed on new permit requirements and refresh on BMPs, sampling, and other permit requirements.

How Wenck can help:

  • Don’t know where to start with sampling? We can help you get set up with a lab, discuss sampling procedures, interpret your lab reports, and help with reporting.
  • Did you exceed any benchmark monitoring limits? Wenck can help you determine the source of the pollutant and develop new BMPs ranging from good housekeeping procedures to engineered solutions. The sooner you get below those limits, the sooner you can be done with sampling!
  • Don’t want to send your employees off-site for required training? Wenck can develop facility-specific training and present it in person or remotely for your personnel.

Any Wenck contact can get you in touch with resources to help you keep in compliance with your stormwater permit, but feel free to reach out directly to our stormwater team.

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