Resiliency Roadmap

Risk Management Program Planning

At Wenck, we consider our clients to be our partners. We take the time to learn what you are trying to achieve so that we can help externalize that mission and assist in accomplishing your ultimate goals. Wenck takes pride in driving your development, and in doing so – based off your evaluation and expectations – we can provide a detailed, achievable, and custom-tailored risk management and resiliency roadmap. Our roadmaps help to benchmark your organization, mitigate risk, capture opportunities, and steer you towards a more prosperous future delivering economic, environmental, and social benefits. 

What is Resilience?

“Resilience is about cultivating the capacity to sustain development in the face of expected and surprising change and diverse pathways of development and potential thresholds between them,” (Oxford Index). That one is a bit heavy. Let’s try, “resilience is the ability to bounce back… it involves anticipating disasters and developing  systems to mitigate them,” (Sustainability Degrees). Better. Or how about the ever-faithful Merriam-Webster online dictionary definition, “the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.” In short, resiliency looks risk proactively in the face and says, “bring it on.”

Risk Management and Resiliency Services

Determining what resiliency issues are most impactful is a critical first step. To that end, Wenck can draw on its experience conducting risk and vulnerability assessments and engaging key stakeholders (e.g. investors, customers, and employees) in an interactive process that yields actionable intelligence ensuring prompt responses to evolving challenges, risks and opportunities, and stakeholder insights. A well-designed assessment process will identify and prioritize vulnerability of most significance, enabling you to focus your efforts and minimize expense. Reporting initiatives and strategic planning related to internal capital investments and operational management may also benefit from the information produced by a vulnerability assessment. Wenck will provide a rational, measured view of environmental impacts and related policy risks and identify opportunities to mitigate them or – better yet – redefine them as opportunities. In so doing, we offer peace of mind that there isn’t a disaster lurking in the shadows and a competitive advantage by proactively managing risks, ensuring business continuity, and capturing opportunities. 

Resiliency Roadmap

About Wenck

Founded in 1985, Wenck operates both nationally and internationally providing holistic environmental, engineering, construction, and response solutions. We are your partner and advocate behind the scenes, with 275+ multidisciplinary technical experts championing all facets of your most essential business interests. With a passion for air, water, waste, land/natural resources, and infrastructure, we utilize our discrete expertise to ensure your organization is operational and thriving.

Wenck believes collaboration leads to innovation, so we engage the right internal experts and leverage strategic alliance partners to drive projects forward. We stay current on the latest technical details, regulations, and movements across all our market areas, managing the risk for you with economic efficiency in mind. And as environmental stewards, we value community and resilient ideals that result in shared success. Let us know how we can help you build a better planet.


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