Pamela Massaro: “We take water seriously.”

Bonnanza Mine Planning and Reclamation

We asked Wenck technical expert Pamela Massaro what taking water seriously means to her. This is what she had to say.

“As the populations of cities and other municipal areas continue to grow, maintaining sustained access to sufficient amounts of clean, potable water progressively becomes more important. My favorite memories growing up all involve water – whether swimming, fishing, or canoeing – so it means a lot to me that future generations are able to create their own memories involving water. I take great pride as a water resource engineer, aka Water Diva (see below), because through the practices of environmental and water resource engineering, civil engineers are constantly advancing the development of systems to deliver clean water effectively and reliably.”

Very seriously.

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Pamela Massaro

Wenck Author

Pamela Massaro

Water Resources Engineer, P.E. (CO, MN, NE, WI, WY) | Principal