Managing Your Workplace for COVID-19: OSHA Requirements – Free Webinar


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Thursday, June 25th, 2pm-3pm

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Employers in the US have duties to ensure safe workplaces, but the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many of the traditional means that employers have relied on for providing a safe workplace. This, along with greatly accelerated timeframes to adapt and adjust have left many wondering what the requirements are and how to best manage them to meet OSHA’s expectations and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. The pandemic has highlighted a variety of workplace safety issues, including engineering, administrative and safety practice controls, personal protective equipment, respiratory protection, training, employee relations, hazard communication, recordkeeping, workers’ rights, and up-to-date policies and procedures.

Presented by:

Ben Conlon, Environmental | Health and Safety Scientist Ben has wide experience and training in COVID remediation and is an EMT and certified first aid and CPR trainer.




Tom Hawkinson, MS, CIH, CSP | Senior Industrial Hygienist Tom has over 27 years of wide experience in control of workplace biological hazards, engineering controls, and personal protection and has provided training for Wenck’s COVID Response Team.




Participants will receive an e-mail with a Pandemic Preparedness Plan template after submitting a short survey following the webinar.

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