Water is in our DNA. Whether assisting cities, watershed organizations, or commercial businesses, our focus has always been to restore, protect, and improve upon water resources all over the globe. The Wenck team is built upon incredible consultants that work collaboratively with you to discover the best course of action. We offer comprehensive quality diagnostics, generated TMDLs/WRAPP studies, resiliency designs and engineering, as well as a host of innovative stormwater solutions. Wenck is simply passionate about water and its value to communities.


Whether you need to identify, develop, or augment a groundwater supply, assess and remediate contaminated groundwater, or dewater aquifers for mining, agricultural, development, or construction purposes – our team has the technical expertise to identify groundwater sources on your property and assess alternatives. We will characterize the extent of the problem, determine the options for mitigation, negotiate with appropriate regulatory agencies, and implement the approved plan. Our hydrogeological analysis and design tools allow us to identify your groundwater flow and unsaturated ground flow resources. Wenck geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, and water resource specialists will work with you to understand your groundwater needs, and develop timely, cost-effective solutions that address the issue and advance your business.  

  • Baseline Hydrogeologic Characterization
  • Groundwater Supply and Development
  • Water Rights and Permitting
  • Water Well Design, Bidding, & Construction Management
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Dewatering System Design
  • Groundwater Contaminant Monitoring and Remediation
  • Spring Studies
  • Source Water Assessment & Wellhead Protection
  • Well Evaluation and Rehabilitation
  • Infiltration Gallery Design
  • Groundwater Resource Sustainability Evaluation
Water Supply

At Wenck, we take your right to the use of water seriously. We understand the importance of adequate water supply to meet your needs. Our team includes a former chief engineer and state regulators that have been involved in literally thousands of water right proceedings. We understand the water right process and have worked closely with engineers, attorneys, tribes and sovereign nations, and state water rights programs. Our team regularly assists clients with water rights issues on storage, diversion and intake design projects, and hydrologic studies related to quantification of surface and groundwater sources. We can help you identify and evaluate a potential water supply, complete the water right application or petition process, navigate the regulatory maze, and represent your interests in court as an expert witness. Our team has the experience you need to ensure your water right is realized and protected.

Water Resources

Wenck partners with clients to restore and sustain water resources across the world. We know that clean water is critical to environmental, social, and economic health. We understand the balance between all the demands on water. We solve problems holistically taking our clients’ business into consideration providing solutions that often turn a liability into a significant business opportunity.


Wenck knows that the generation of wastewater is an inevitable result of daily life and industrial processes. We help our clients protect public health and the environment while maintaining regulatory compliance. Our designs range from on-site cluster systems to complex industrial or municipal systems. We understand that preferred discharge methods depend on the unique nature of every project, and our seasoned staff is well-versed in all methods including soil dispersal, spray irrigation, and surface water discharge. You can count on us for cost-effective professional services for any project.

Surface Water

Wenck is an industry leading, innovative provider of surface water services and has completed riverine projects in over 21 states as well as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Our surface water studies are designed to meet the needs of our clients while also protecting the health and integrity of the water body and watershed. Prior to design, our engineers and fluvial geomorphologists complete river stability studies recognizing that the evaluation of historic fluvial behavior is the key to future prediction. Combining geomorphology with strong engineering practices allows us to provide clients with “natural solutions” that are not only cost effective, but also require little oversight and management. Wenck is also well versed in bioengineering methods for stream restoration and has successfully completed projects on river reaches with sensitive, threatened, and endangered listed species.


Wenck helps clients decide on, design, and implement green infrastructure effectively and efficiently. We provide strategic regulatory advice and expert design for all types of stormwater management solutions. Whether a client needs to reduce flooding from a rain event, create a resilient urban area through green infrastructure, save money on a stormwater utility bill, achieve LEED certification, or take a lake off an impaired waters list by preventing runoff, Wenck understands how strategic stormwater management can benefit an organization in many ways. Our green infrastructure expertise includes:

• Interception/infiltration
• Collection ponds
• Underground stormwater detention tanks
• Filtration & iron-sand filtration systems
• Rain gardens
• Permeable pavements
• Structural soils
• Tree trenches
• Capture & reuse
• Re-use for irrigation
• Permitting & compliance

Pond Covers

Wenck offers a full suite of services involving geosynthetic containment pond covers at any stage for your specific needs. We understand regulatory standards and can strategize to mitigate nuisance odors, achieve thermal retention, install floating islands, prevent evaporation, control dust/particulate contamination, as well as manage waste and stormwater – all for a host of water storage reservoirs including tanks, ponds, and lagoons. Our team of ecologists, engineers, and technical experts can assist your business with intelligent design, design-build, build, and timely installment of pond covers – including any modifications, repairs, removals, or disposals – with our Integrated Project Delivery system, putting communication and collaboration at the forefront. At Wenck, it is our focus to help clients achieve their resiliency goals with cost-saving solutions. We offer assurance that your facility is environmentally sound while meeting financial expectations.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization's water needs.

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