Risk Management & Resiliency


Wenck helps clients from businesses, NGOs, and all levels of government tackle risk management and resiliency challenges to realize opportunities. For many, resiliency is top of mind. Leading organizations are finding social and environmental responsibility isn’t just an obligation – it’s an opportunity to add value and an opportunity to be responsibly prosperous. Resiliency leaders turn risks into rewards, attract the best talent, realize positive brand awareness and earn customer loyalty. They capture more of their key markets. They innovate. They grow – all the while protecting resources for the future.

Risk Management & Resiliency Strategy

At Wenck, we consider our clients to be our partners. We take the time to learn what it is you are trying to achieve so we can define and accomplish your ultimate goals. Our engineers and scientists have spent years assisting our industrial, municipal, and state and federal government clients with a variety of risk management and resiliency issues. Based on your individual needs, we can guide the development of goals, objectives, and comprehensive strategies, providing you with a risk management and resiliency roadmap.

Materiality Analyses

Wenck can help your organization determine what resiliency issues are most important. As a first step, we will help you define and engage your key stakeholders. Then we will work with you to assess and define key resiliency topics through a well-designed materiality assessment process. In so doing, the elements of corporate social responsibility of most significance will be narrowed, enabling you to focus your efforts and minimize expense. Your organization will gain confidence and credibility related to your materiality conclusions. In addition, we can design an interactive process that helps ensure prompt responses to evolving challenges, impacts, and stakeholder interests.

Feasibility Analysis

Before you move forward with a project, our consultants can help you conduct a feasibility study to determine the most effective, value-adding option. Our experts will creatively identify and assess multiple alternatives and then provide you with a suite of cost-effective options. Taking the next steps, we can develop a business case for doing the right thing for your enterprise, the environment, and society – and a road map for implementation. You will walk away with the tools you need to take action.

Bench-marking Analysis

Risk management and resiliency have been a growing focus for organizations in recent years. A benchmarking assessment provides a clear picture of how you stack up against competitors and comparable and leading organizations on key performance indicators. With a benchmarking report card in hand, we can help you identify and incorporate best practices to generate positive outcomes, narrow performance gaps, and demonstrate industry leadership.

Risk Management & Resiliency Assurance

Despite best intentions, some organizations face criticism for their resiliency claims. These criticisms can severely undermine the accomplishment of legitimate resiliency goals, severely damage an organization’s reputation and even lead to legal or enforcement action. Wenck can help you identify and construct policies, procedures and quality control mechanisms to avoid the risk associated with communicating resiliency performance to external stakeholders. These procedures and mechanisms typically bring to bear independent, impartial evaluations of the resiliency characteristics of products or claims in the form of audits or third-party certification. Auditors and certifiers look for documented, evidence-based, rigorous data sourcing, management and analysis. Let us help you alleviate legitimacy risk and confidently leverage your organization’s resiliency performance to add the greatest value.

Risk Management & Resiliency Communications & Reporting

Resiliency means different things to different people. Demands for transparency can feel overwhelming and consume countless hours of human resources. Wenck can help educate the end user, whether a consumer, city resident, or factory worker, allowing your firm to become a contributor to the resiliency dialogue. We do this by crafting a resiliency narrative alongside your company, and by taking the time to tell it via public meetings, website/social media engagement, and third-party assessments. A well-told resiliency story will add immeasurable value to your organization through improved brand image and stakeholder relations. Allow Wenck to better position you for the future – able to attract more investments, greater talent, and additional loyal customers.

Environmental Risk & Opportunities Assessment

A risk and opportunity assessment can provide the baseline justification for further evaluation and action. We will provide you with a rational, measured view of social, environmental and policy risks and identify opportunities to mitigate them or – better yet – redefine them as opportunities. In so doing, we offer peace of mind that there isn’t a disaster lurking in the shadows and a competitive advantage by proactively managing risks and identifying opportunities. We have years of experience forecasting and addressing environmental risks and opportunities related to ecologically sensitive resources, social risks as defined by stakeholder priorities, and policy risks at your doorstep and on the horizon. Let us help you assess, strategize around and address your organization’s risks and opportunities, so you can concentrate on making your ultimate vision a reality.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

A well-designed EMS will provide you with a framework for internal policy and communication, tools that enable continuous measurement of footprints and track progress against goals, and assurance of compliance to both internal policies and procedures and regulatory requirements. Wenck has experience with the design and implementation of environmental management and regulatory compliance systems auditing programs for facilities across the United States. We can help design a framework consistent with the ISO 14001 standard and walk you through the stages, including commitment, planning, implementation, evaluation and review.

The services Wenck provides include auditing management systems elements and auditing compliance requirements for all major environmental regulations on federal, state and local levels. We work as your advocate with regulators to negotiate practical and cost-effective solutions. Wenck staff will conduct the audits and trains staff on how to conform to the audit requirements.

Carbon, Waste, and Water Foot-printing and Analysis

Wenck is a leader in helping organizations manage carbon, stormwater, wastewater and waste. Our experts can model and measure your lifecycle footprints to help inform decisions related to resiliency. We offer accurate and robust greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste inventories, providing the critical cornerstones of information required to assess material environmental issues, inform the establishment of goals, and take action to address the most significant environmental challenges of the day.

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