Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)


No two customers have the same needs, which is why you need a team that can provide more than cookie-cutter solutions. Our expert mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers can handle a wide range of traditional applications as well as offer numerous customized and value-added services. As a group, we have years of experience with common mechanical utility systems such as steam and condensate, compressed air and nitrogen, process and cooling water, general water treatment and boiler feed water systems. Wenck develops plans and specifications for all sizes of projects from wastewater lift stations to greenfield processing plants and in support of new facility layout, existing facility expansions, process line additions, and retrofits in medium voltage (15kV) and low voltage (600/480/120V) systems. Wenck can develop lighting plans and photometrics for industrial facilities and roadways. Our plumbing engineers design systems with your entire facility in mind to help you avoid the unexpected. From determining tap size, to deciding the location of incoming utilities, we carefully design plumbing solutions to integrate with your overall plan.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization's mechanical, electrical, and plumbing needs.

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