Construction Management


Wenck collaborates with our clients from concept through completion and beyond. We take the time to understand not only your immediate need but your organization’s overall goals. We focus on lean processes to create value and minimize waste during every phase of the project. In addition to keeping your scope, schedule, and budget in alignment we also place great emphasis on another critical project component – safety. We know that people are an organization’s greatest asset and our team is mindful of our client’s, subcontractors, and the general public on every project site.


Construction Management as Agent

Wenck will work with your design team to efficiently plan and construct your project. We will replace the general contractor by managing all aspects of construction as the owner’s advocate. Wenck will provide quality assurance, budget management, construction scheduling, coordination, on-site supervision, and represent your best interests every step of the way.

Construction Management at Risk

Wenck will work with your design team and act as the owner’s advocate during the planning and design phases to efficiently plan and design a project that meets your needs. Wenck and the architect/engineer will contract separately with the owner, whereas subcontractors will contract directly with Wenck. We will provide you with a Guaranteed Maximum Price and assume the risk for construction performance – while holding all of the subcontracts during the construction phase.

Owner's Representative

Wenck will act as a resource for you and your design team throughout the pre-construction and construction phases. We will provide technical analysis of the design documents, cost estimate reviews, value engineering analysis, and schedule management for the entire project. We will monitor the contractors’ progress and prepare regular construction status updates and advise you on any contentious matters.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization's construction management needs.

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