Commitment to Employee Ownership (ESOP)

Creating value for our clients, our firm and our members

“Develop a pride of ownership while providing future financial wealth and security for our members.” These are two of the founding principles of the Wenck Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Wenck employees are given a direct financial interest in the company’s performance through the ESOP. Established as a retirement benefit plan, the company’s stock shares are held by the ESOP Trust. All eligible employees receive allocations of shares, cash contributions and earnings distributions to their Trust account.

Each year profits made by Wenck are used to grow the scope and value of the Enterprise while also contributing funds into individual member’s ESOP Trust accounts. Wenck members work together to ensure that the quality of the firm is maintained and that the value of the Enterprise grows each year. This commitment to quality by each of our members is the reason we are so effective for our clients, which leads to success for the Enterprise. This in turn leads to growth not only of the value of the Enterprise but of the individual accounts of all of the employee-owners of the firm.

Wenck’s commitment to quality and the continued excellence of our members has resulted in the Wenck Enterprise growing faster and stronger than other similar firms, which leads back to the ESOP’s two founding principles: pride in ownership of the firm that results in future financial wealth and security for our members.

We are always looking for new members who can contribute to our commitment to excellence for our clients, our firm and our members. By joining the Wenck team you will be part of this success not only for the Enterprise and all its members but for yourself.